Editing blogs to rewrite history — the ever reluctant troll

No matter what I say on the Internet, I can always delete it. If I delete quickly, no one will ever even know that I was in a bad mood, or hated someone’s facebook rant, or was trying to give our cats away online. (By the way, I have two elderly cats for free. EmailContinue reading “Editing blogs to rewrite history — the ever reluctant troll”

Accounting for kids at Christmas time.

I met this random lady out walking yesterday and we had a brief conversation. “What do you do for work?” “I work at T–s ‘R Us [store name edited for anonymity]” she said. “Well thanks for what you do for kids,” I responded. “I do accounting there. But when I’m all done each day IContinue reading “Accounting for kids at Christmas time.”

Making room. Why Grandma’s visits were never a pain.

Grandma would come and visit every couple of years or so when I was a kid. . . .   One day we all packed in the car and drove to the small regional airport and watched Grandma climb out of the plane onto the tarmac.  There she was in with red hair sticking out ofContinue reading “Making room. Why Grandma’s visits were never a pain.”